Praxis (selected)

Détourning Asia / America with Valerie Soe – TEASER

Trailer, full essay forthcoming in Feminist Media Histories journal

Carnal Orient


Carnal Orient (short narrative film, 2016, writer/director)

Spark: Aesthetic Encounters in Mosuo Country

Spark: Aesthetic Encounters in Mosuo Country (short documentary, director)

“Moon Shoes” music video for DATALOG

 Moon Shoes (music video, 2012, director/co-editor/co-producer)

Bust magazine review: “Casting three curvy women of color and not asking them to disrobe is, unfortunately, rare in the music industry. The creators of the video were seeking to protest this under-representation of non-white women and the hegemonic ideals of beauty prevalent in music videos. The video artists accomplished their goal and have produced a four minute visual feast that is not only thought-provoking, but beautiful to watch as well. With trippy cuts and fragmented stills, the video is a hailstorm of compelling images.”